I am so excited to introduce Perfect 10 SF readers to my dear friend Kendall of San Francisco-based Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, Chasing Kendall. Just sharing these images of Kendall makes me SO excited to tell you a little bit about her and why she is my fashion/ blog inspiration!! I mean, how can you not love her already? We were able to sync up before the holidays when one of Jesse's coworkers put us in touch. We met for coffee at The Station (super cool spot in Jackson Square, btw) and instantly connected about the business of blogging.

When you come to Perfect 10 SF you pretty much know what you are going to get when it comes to my fashion posts: structured, black and white pieces, Pixie Pants (!!), and Chanel. The thing I love about Kendall's site and her Instagram @Chasing Kendall is that each post is so unique, making her overall style so inspirational. She can (and does) wear pieces that only she could pull off! Seeing her posts are a warm welcome from a feed full of the same old blogger uniform staples: lace-up flats, midi skirts (which I actually love), Chloe Drew Bags, Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots, and anything else that people copy from my BFF Blair of Atlantic Pacific (you've seen it once, you've seen it all).

Oh, the other super cool thing is that Kendall is not only stylish, she is a cocktail and beer connoisseur (try spelling that without spell check!) and features beautiful photos and honest reviews of her favorite libations. Finally, my favorite thing about Kendall (and she doesn't know this) is that she is QUEEN BEE when it comes to emoji use! Just check out her blog or follow her on SnapChat and you'll immediately agree.

Here are some of my favorite posts: 

Poolside to Party // Pretty Pink Fall Fringe // Le Grid // The Twosie // Did Someone Say Luncheon



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