Happy Friday! We are one day closer to my favorite holiday and I am celebrating Valentine's Eve Eve! I have known for a while that I love Valentine's Day, but I never really knew how much until a few weeks ago when I realized how much more excited I was to celebrate everything red and pink hearts than I was to celebrate Christmas. Yes, Christmas was special because it was our first one celebrating with Lillian, but it did not stir up the same excitement as Valentine's Day!

Jesse sent me this New York Times article about "How to Raise a Creative Child" and it is a fascinating read. The main point is that children should be encouraged to follow their interests rather than being forced into doing activities. It made me think about all of the things I have passion for and it made me laugh because they are pretty much the exact same as when I was 13, 18, 21, 25, and now 30!

So what are those passions you might ask? Volleyball, family, comedy, Valentine's Day, leadership, hearts, french bread and ice cream, timeless and chic apparel, Chanel, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Yes, when I was 13 I had quite the entrepreneurial spirit! And, today at 30 I am delighted to partner with Vaseline to share some more about my first business idea and how it has come full circle!

When we were in 8th grade, we so desperately wanted to wear make-up but our all-girls school had a strict dress code and that included no makeup. The only thing we could really get away with was a little chapstick or lipgloss. So we all started using the tiny container of Vaseline as our "make-up". We applied it non-stop to our lips and one of my classmates would even put it on her eyelids to give it a little glisten! I believed in the healing and moisturizing power of Vaseline and would even put it under my eyes!

Since everyone in the class was using it, I decided I was going to make a business out of selling it in cuter containers. So I started collecting all types of little tins- mini Altoid tins, a pencil sharpener case, and basically anything that could open and close (I know my best friends will remember this. When I mentioned that I was writing about Vaseline she immediately said, "remember when you put it in tins!").

My genius business plan was to create custom tins with Vaseline inside and sell to classmates. I will always remember going to the store and getting the biggest size of Vaseline and scooping it out of the jar into these tiny tins. God bless my parents who let me embark on all of these crazy endeavors. I honestly cannot remember if they were concerned or not about all of my wild ideas growing up, but I cannot thank them enough for supporting me.

I was definitely on to something in 1998 because Vaseline just introduced their Vaseline Lip Tins! 

To celebrate my absolutely, positively favorite holiday I decided to share a few of my favorite spots in San Francisco for a perfect date and little smooch with your beloved! Vaseline Lip Tins are essential for smooth lips and my favorite is the Original and the Rosy! My perfect date is just going for a long walk with beautiful scenery.

Some of my favorite and lesser known spots in the Presidio are Inspiration Point (where Claire and Mike actually first met) and on the Battery Godfrey trail with a great view of the bridge.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend celebrating Valentine's Day! Check out the new Vaseline Lip Tins available at Target! 


Thank you to my parents for always supporting me and to Vaseline for collaborating on this post and for finally making the product I dreamed about almost twenty years ago!

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