HAPPY FRIDAY!! I was driving home this morning from dropping (our 8 month old tomorrow!!!) Miss Lillian off and daycare and I was thinking about my to-do list for the day. The past few weeks have been a little bit hectic as I adjust to our new schedule, transition to daycare, returning back to work, and working with new clients. It has all been wonderful and I love what I am doing, I was just thinking about how I need to be a lot more efficient and organized with my calendar. Working for myself is a dream but making sure I can schedule all of my meetings and find chunks of time to get my work done (and find time throughout the day to pump- more on that later), is all part of this endeavor.

On the drive I was thinking about an upcoming project I am working on and it dawned on me how grateful I am for Lillian's influence on my career. I know, it sounds weird to hear, but trust me, it's not crazy. Had it not been for Lillian's arrival I would be working towards licensure for my MFT. Instead, I am on a completely different career path and frankly, one that seems more me and inline with my interests and talents.

I read a lot about parenting and motherhood and quite a bit of it shares about how difficult it is to advance your career, remain competitive, and "have it all" as a mother, especially of a newborn. I cannot speak for other women, especially those in industries I know very little about, but I think it is worth noting that my experience has been the opposite. I have seen tremendous opportunity and growth since becoming a mother and I am grateful for my little one.

I don't mean to share this to brag, devalue other women's experiences, or say mine is better, but rather to show that motherhood is not about just limitations. Coincidentally, I saw an interesting post this morning when I got home about "the 16 things you can't do as a mother of a young child" and thought about all of the messages we share about motherhood makes it sound so limiting and like your life is over. Maybe the post is intending to give permission to moms who don't want to or can't find time to do these activities. But all I am trying to say is that society portrays motherhood and limiting when I have found it particularly liberating!!!!!!!!

I would love to hear other mom's thoughts on this!


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