HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVE!!!!! I am so excited to share these photos we took a few weeks ago for our Valentine's Day card with Minted! I was all set to send out our holiday card but honestly it was so difficult to get all of the updated addresses from friends and family! I want to create an app that makes the whole process much easier!

It was funny because I first saw this black xoxo design and loved it and when I was showing Jesse all of the Valentine's Day cards from Minted he said he liked this one the best, too! It was so easy to upload the recipient's addresses and Minted printed them directly on the envelope. All we had to do was stick on the stamp and drop in the mailbox!

You can expect to see Valentine's Day cards from us each year instead of Christmas cards! I hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating!!!


Thank you to Minted for helping us create these beautiful Valentine's Day cards!