Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share a project I spent a lot of time working on over the holidays! I was gifted a baby book by my sister Caitlin and I absolutely loved filling it out when Lillian was first born. I also love snapping dozens of photos a day and wanted a place to keep them and write little notes.

I tried three different photo book websites before almost giving up on the whole project. I had a specific vision of clean lines, square book, white space, and extremely customizable. Every site I tried using was a little too "cutesy" and I hated all of the preset backgrounds that were part of the "baby photo book" templates. Plus, I found every single photo website had the worst user interface and one site even crashed on me while trying to save my project!

I almost gave up all together before searching "photo books" and finding Artifact Uprising towards the middle of the search results. I didn't know much about them but their website is really easy to use and their products are great. I created this square photo book for Lillian in no time at all and I love the way it turned out!

I had a blast writing notes about the special memories we have with each photo. I liked the square photo book because it was $36.99 plus shipping for 40 pages. I think with shipping it came out to $54.00 or something. Which was a pretty good price compared to the other sites. But be careful, I told Claire about the site and she created a wedding book and it somehow cost a couple hundred dollars (I just want to warn you that things can add up unknowingly).

This book is of Lillian from 0-6 months and I am going to make one for 6-12 months and then 1 year old, 2 years old, etc. so that when she is 18 she will have 19 books of all of her wonderful memories.

Check out Artifact Uprising today!



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