Happy Happy Birthday to our little niece Mila Lucia!! Hard to believe that she is already two! We had a blast celebrity this spunkiest girl on the block last weekend! My best friend Jenna and her husband Matt really know how to throw a party and raise an adorable girl, so when it came time to bring everyone together for a backyard bounce house party, it did not disappoint!

Jenna and Matt thought of every detail for the party, down to Mila's custom shirt with her initials-- I mean...initials and monograms are my love language! Mila is so full of life and bounces every where she goes, so it was especially hilarious to see her bouncing in the inflatable castle- she was getting some serious air.

My favorite thing to do when I am with Mila is to watch her from afar! I know, it sounds odd. But she is so independent that every task is a mission. While it's actually best to stay out of her way, I like to do it so I can see her interact with all of her surroundings- which includes, but is not limited to two big dogs, a big backyard, and a crowd full of admirers.

Just like Mila, the party experience was so special-- from the incredible food and drinks to my personal favorite, the ice cream bar!! Miss Lillian must be taking cues from party girl Mila because LJP was in the inflatable kiddie pool that was filled with plastic balls like Chuckie Cheese (without all of the questionable germs-- I can't believe my parents let us play in those ball pits!!!). Lillian could have stayed in there all afternoon!!

Jenna was so genius to have Mila blow out candles on two scoops of ice cream! That was so adorable and so creative! I have been giving some thought to Lillian's 1st birthday party and I am tempted to do it at Jenna's house with all of the same ideas except get a number "1" balloon (hahah, but seriously Jenna, what do you think? I know you are laughing about this but I am 87% serious).

We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate Mila and cannot wait for many, many, many more birthdays parties in her honor!


All photos taken by our friend Kimberly Bedrosian