One // This week went by sort of slowly and I was actually really grateful for it. I had so much to do that when I woke up on Wednesday morning I actually said to myself, "THANK GOD IT'S ONLY WEDNESDAY!"...who has ever said that? No one! Wednesday has the worst rep of all the weekdays. Yes, even worse than Sunday! 

Two // Yesterday I went to The Battery for the first time to meet my friend Emily. I am glad I could check it out and see what all of the buzz was about. I have wanted to create a club like that for just women and have a few small ones around the bay area.  I have also been wanting to check out The Hivery. It is a co-working space for women in Mill Valley that seems really cool. 

Three // As Quoted opened yesterday and obviously it is nothing short of amazing! Everyone should go check it out immediately!

Four // This weekend is jam-packed with lots of great events! I am so excited to celebrate my grandfather, who we affectionately call Sir, and his 90th birthday! He lives in Noe Valley so I always see him around the neighborhood and when we are both out for walks. I saw him yesterday because, no joke, I nearly ran him over in my car! There are a few intersections on Church Street that do not have stop signs and he always crosses in those and I was driving and saw him crossing and got out of my car and kindly told him he cannot cross those intersections anymore! Now I am going to have to be on the lookout for him! 

Five // Earlier this week I saw Courtney Love speak and sing at Kevin Sessum's Groundbreakers series and it was a lot of fun. I have always liked watching people be interviewed and seeing their personalities. One of the best interviews I saw forever ago was Piper Kerman, the author of "Orange is the New Black". That was such a great book! I am hoping to pick up an autobiography, does anyone have any suggestions?

Six // One of my new year's resolutions was to make soup! And I still haven't done it! Whenever I want to try a new recipe I go to Real Simple. Here is what I am going to *hopefully* try this weekend. Because all moms should know how to make chicken noodle soup, right?

Seven // I am loving this rain we are having but I think it is because of my rain booooots!! You should see me walking through the streets like a boss with these things on! It is so liberating to just walk wherever. i. want. Get a pair of rain boots asap.

Eight // On Wednesday I took Miss Lillian swimming at our UCSF pool. It was so fun because she is a natural water baby! I couldn't help but think of the many times I went swimming there when I was pregnant! It was also hilarious because we were in our bright swimsuits from Hawaii!

Nine // Daylight savings time come to meeeee! I can't wait for the lighter nights! I love walking around our neighborhood with Jesse and Lillian at night and cannot wait for the time change.

Ten // I have a busy day today with meetings and a fun afternoon tea! Follow me on Snapchat @CarolineMCurran for all of the fun!


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