Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We had a non-stop weekend but it was so worth it! The weekend started off great with tea at the Fairmont with Andre Leon Talley and a presentation of Oscar de La Renta dresses. Claire and I attended with her friend Jaron and had a blast!

On Saturday morning we had the special honor of walking in the St. Patrick's Day Parade! Lillian's daycare was invited to participate and we were absolutely delighted! We had a blast pushing the strollers with our little ones and it was great to have Caitlin and Niall, Camilla and Clementine with us. Oh, and of course Tim Curran!!! Luckily the weather was great and we didn't feel more than a little sprinkle for a few seconds! The parade started at Market and 2nd but we lined up on 2nd between Mission and Howard and let me tell you it was quite the rush to turn left on to Market Street at the start of the parade! I saw a few familiar faces, which was really fun! I just love Jesse so much! He is such an incredible husband and dad and I love that he just goes with the flow and is always up for whatever crazy idea I suggest.

I loved walking down Market Street because I was able to really look at all of the different stores and restaurants. There was a little dicey spot was we went through the Tenderloin on McAllister and everyone wanted the candy that some members of our group were handing out. Luckily, every cop in San Francisco is there so we felt safe

Lillian's two top teeth are coming in so she had a little bit of a fever and slept for the first half of the parade. She was so calm and angelic. Jesse and I were saying how we love her even more each day. She is so active and crawling all over our house and is a joy.

We all came home and took a long nap! I am still catching up on sleep from a nonstop week! Looking forward to a great week, an amazing St. Patrick's Day (I am going to make some Irish recipes), and more! Follow me on Snapchat for more updates: @CarolineMCurran

This week you can expect posts about my love for food, my grandfather- we just celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday at the Irish Cultural Center, my favorite black tie events, and more!! 

Top of the morning to ya!


A special thank you to Suzie, the owner of Lillian's daycare for organizing our participation in the parade. 

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