I've had some wonderful friends near and far announce their pregnancy and it has been so fun to watch others go through the exciting time. A lot of people ask me in person or via email about when we are having our next baby and I'm like omg, I can't even think about that right now, we haven't even planned Lillian's 1st birthday party! I have been so fortunate recently and feel like the timing of everything has been so perfect and don't want to force anything.

But, when we do decide to have our second and third (ha, and maybe fourth or fifth!) there are some things I want to do. The title of this post may be deceiving because I am not handing out tips to expecting moms (although, they can use this advice), this is more for me to look at as a guide.

  1. Have a special way of sharing our pregnancy news with our families. I would love to absolutely surprise our parents and siblings with something fun!
  2. Take weekly bump shots. We didn't do this religiously and I wish we had!
  3. Share our name options in advance. I think this might be fun and I can also get everything monogrammed.
  4. Start wearing a nursing bra as soon as I find out I am pregnant. Goodbye underwire!
  5. Do maternity photos as a family. We never took professional photos of Jesse and me when we were pregnant with Lillian and I really wish we had.
  6. Send a birth announcement. I didn't want to bombard people but I wish we had sent a snail mail birth announcement.

Any other pregnancy tips?