Take me back!! Here are a few photos from our visit to the Disney Aulani hotel on Oahu! I realized when I shared this image on Instagram a few weeks ago it appeared as if we were staying at this resort! Oops- no. We stayed at a hotel in Waikiki and ventured over to the west side of the island to check out the Disney Resort for the day.

Growing up Disneyland and Lake Tahoe were the two places my family would vacation. I can't fully explain the excitement I associate with these two places because of our fun family vacation memories. I have had some fun Disneyland memories as an adult too- like the time my best friend Rachel and I went to Disneyland in the middle of finals week our senior year at USD. And I had an absolute blast going with Jesse so I could run my first half marathon in the Tinkerbell Race in 2012.

I have been wanting to take Lillian to Disneyland to meet Minnie Mouse but I figured since we were in Hawaii we should go check out the Aulani hotel and experience the magic of Disney there! While everyone went scuba diving on the east side of the island, Jesse, Lillian and I hopped in the car and drove the forty minutes to the Aulani hotel. 

I made reservations for the character buffet and we had a blast eating Mickey waffles, meeting the character, and watching Lillian just take it all in. Anyone who has been to a Disney park or hotel knows that there is a certain buzz and energy that puts everyone in a great mood and alleviates all worries. Aulani definitely has this feeling, but what was surprising is that since Hawaii so relaxing, this Disney buzz can be a lot and invigorating instead of relaxing. Does that make sense? 

They have so many activities for children of all ages, even a spa and internet lounge for teens (ha!), and kids will never complain about being bored. But let me tell you-- the beach is beautiful and the pools are insane- they have a lazy river!

I wish I took more photos but we were having so much fun! If we ever go back to Oahu, I think it would be fun to stay a night or two at the hotel and then rent a house on the north shore for a balance of busy and peaceful.