Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We had a perfect weekend! For the most part we have a rhythm (funny that there are no vowels in rhythm): Friday night relax and hang out around the house. It's funny, Fridays are usually the nights that we go to bed the earliest! Ha- long gone are those days of going out late all weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are usually filled with an early morning walk, breakfast somewhere, work, cleaning, seeing friends and family, a Warriors game, cooking, a movie, visit to the theater or museum, or a nap!

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but our favorite thing to do is wake up really early on Sunday, like 7am and head out and explore a neighborhood around the city. This past weekend we explored the Nopa area and went to the farmers market (got a Nutella chocolate cinnamon twist-- yummmmm!!), grabbed a chai at Mojo Bicycle Cafe, got some groceries at Bi-Rite and did some window shopping. Our experience was great, but nothing compares to Noe Valley. It was funny- Nopa feels like a mini-Brooklyn in San Francisco. I didn't see any married couples (I always notice if people are married or not), and most people had unconventional looking dogs (I guess all of the labs, retrievers, and great danes are in Noe Valley). I was surprised at how dirty the sidewalks felt. But the food is great (Souvla is coming in soon) and the coffee shops are worth exploring-- The Mill is one of my favorite spots in the city and I'll always pop in there if I find a parking spot on my way home from meetings. I was surprised to see a few kids in there because honestly it feels like there are no kids in Nopa. I notice these things now that we have Lillian in our lives.

I think that Nopa could be a really great neighborhood if it was just a little cleaner, but maybe that is part of it's appeal-- it doesn't look manicured or trying too hard. It's no surprise to me that I am drawn to places that feel a little cleaner, especially when we have Lillian with us. It seems like the perfect neighborhood for people who like to go to shows at The Independent at night and bike and drink coffee during the days. It has an artists vibe without there really being any artists. I think Nopa needs a good powerwash on the sidewalks, an art gallery, and an exercise studio.

Next up our neighborhood exploration experience extravaganza is North Beach! We love going early on Sundays because most people are usually still in sleeping, exhausted from a night of partying. There are usually no lines or crowds, and we feel like we have the neighborhood to ourselves. Let me know if you have any favorite spots!

I hope everyone has a lovely week! 


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