The Perfect 10 Picks posts are honestly my favorite because I can share with readers all of my random thoughts, the things I am loving, my to-do list, and anything else that comes to mind.

One // Hard to believe, but in a few months Lillian will be 1! We are working on her party and I can't wait for the special celebration. Still debating between Paperless Post or a real invite from Minted- I just love this one, this one, this one, and this one! Which one is your favorite? 

Two // I have always loved wallpaper (check out my Pinterest board dedicated solely to wallpaper here) but as a renter, it is impractical and impossible to wallpaper an apartment. Hence, why I am happy to share Chasing Paper!! Wallpaper that just sticks where you want it to and is removable!! You can get full sheets of wallpaper or you can get stickers! Perfect for a fun DIY project!

Three // Have you been to As Quoted yet? Every time I am there there is a line out the door and I bump into someone I know! I love seeing Andie working from afar-- she is usually too busy to chat. Luckily, we have a code for when I am there so she knows it's me. I can't tell you what it is, but it reminds me of our 7th grade inside jokes days!

Four // My favorite place for new moms, DayOne Baby is having a two-year anniversary party this weekend on Sunday if anyone wants to join me! I will be there with Lillian!

Five // ElizabethW is my favorite candle company of all-time and I love that they are based in San Francisco with a store in Ghiradelli Square. I am going to pop by Thursday to pick up some perfume. If you are looking for a great gift, check out ElizabethW. I assumed it was a woman who owned the company, but when I looked on their website I saw that it was a man named Albert! I can't wait to learn more about them and their story! The website is weird and doesn't do it justice. I will report back after my visit!

Six // Baby shooooeees! God bless you. Lillian is standing up and cruising around so her shoe needs are in a weird place. She is out of all of her crib shoes and isn't in hard sole shoes yet. I have been having the hardest time finding shoes for her! I am on the hunt (stay tuned on Instagram because I usually post her adorable shoes there) and found this info from StrideRite helpful.

Seven // I loved all of the Nancy Meyers movies, most recently The Intern with Anne Hathaway, and loved seeing the sets because she is known for putting so much attention into the details of the sets. I mean, the house in Somethine's Gotta Give is incredible. I loved this New York Times article about the experience of renting out your home for film sets!

Eight // A lot of women email me about what it is liked to be married to someone working in tech. Many people know that my husband Jesse is the co-founder and CTO at BuildingConnected. I'll be answering some frequently asked questions about this in another post. Stay tuned!

Nine // One of the many things I love about my mother is that she loves going to the movies. She sees every single movie nominated for best picture for the Oscars and loves going to movies by herself. One of our favorite activities growing up was girls night out when my mom would take us all of the movie theater at Serramonte when tickets were $1.75-- I am sure a few San Francisco natives remember that theater- now it is BevMo! The last movie I saw was The Avengers last May when I was pregnant with Lillian. I was saying to my mom yesterday that I don't really think I'll be going to the movies anytime soon. We prefer to watch movies at home on our AppleTV and be cozy. Plus, it is so hard for me to sit still for two hours. I would rather be working, writing, reading while a movie is on. Any good movies out there worth renting?

Ten // If you follow me on Snapchat (@CarolineMCurran) you will see that I am at Golden Gate Park 3-4 times a week. It truly is my happy spot in the city and I love it more every time I go. Jesse and I love going on Sundays and pushing Lillian in the stroller. Sometimes we will sit and have a picnic. Since we have been having such great weather recently, I pick Lillian up from daycare and we head to the park to see our roller blading friends, walk around the Concourse, and peek into the deYoung. Follow my adventures on Snapchat!