Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We were celebrating my mother in law's birthday in Bodega Bay and had a nice time in the storm- the power even went out, luckily it was just for twenty minutes.

I had to share this series of Lillian from this morning as I attempted to capture her monthly photo since she is NINE months old! Yay!! I am so excited to see her grow! It has been an absolute blast since the very beginning and I am so glad to capture these moments! It sounds absolutely crazy but I actually don't feel sad that she is getting bigger- I think it is wonderful. I hear a lot of parents saying that they wish time would stop and that their babies wouldn't grow. I know they don't really mean it, but for me I love each day that Lillian gets older and when her looks reflect the way I see her- as a mature best friend who is thoughtful and loving. I know, people probably think I am crazy. But I cannot wait to hear her speak and have conversations with her. 

It is sort of special to think about how much I love her and her calm, but playful personality already. She loves pulling herself up and standing and laughing and crawling towards me. She is extremely adventurous and self-sufficient.

Parents who take a monthly photo series can relate to these images-- getting Lillian to sit still is impossible. I swear, by one year she will be lifting up this chair!

Someone asked me the other day when Lillian started crawling and I couldn't remember! I am so grateful that I have this blog as a record, and I cannot suggest enough to parents that you create some sort of digital blog, scrapbook, or photo stream! I have heard about parents creating an email address for their child and sending them emails and pictures and then on their 18th birthday they give their child the password to login and see all of the messages. Friends and family can send pictures too!

I hope everyone has a lovely week! I have a lot of great posts this week: tips for traveling with a baby, my favorite boots (everyone searches my site for boot recommendations), how to start a blog (finally!), and more!