Happy March! I wanted to share my update on my New Year's resolutions- originally seen here and then again here in February. I also have been creating a 2016 Bucket List (don't really love that phrase but it's easier than trying to come up with a new phrase).

  1. Carry my camera with me everywhere I go. Yes! I feel like a bag lady carrying EVERYTHING in my purse these days and it weighs twenty five pounds but I love having my camera with me to capture cool shots. I also signed up for a photography class!
  2. Take professional family photos. We took some for our Minted Valentine's Day card and I need to print them out. We are also taking some with Claire's wedding photographer in April. I can't wait!
  3. Clean out the car more often. Lillian loves to pull of her socks and shoes when she is in her carseat so we literally have six pairs of her socks and three pairs of her shoes back there and when I dropped her off at preschool today I realized I really need to clean this out! 
  4. Travel more. We had a blast in Hawaii and (just like I knew it would) got us excited about trips to Tahoe, Cabo and Santa Barbara!
  5. Write more. I have been writing like crazy!
  6. Get back to the gym! I am going when I can but cannot wait until Lillian is a year old and I have no excuses! I am giving myself until the end of May to be leisurely about it but then I am getting back into it, starting with a class at Burn.
  7. Learn more about finance. Going to a conference about this at the end of March!
  8. Check Mint daily. Ouch. Really need to do this!
  9. Invest in the basics. Yes. I only buy things i love and that will last forever.
  10. Be open to new details. March has already been so busy.
  11. Stop listening to the Justin Bieber album. Can't stop, won't stop. 
  12. Make soup. Wow. Need to do this asap.
  13. Play more board games. I had forgotten about this one, too. Maybe we'll have a game night soon.
  14. Create a photobook. Made a lovely one on Artifact Uprising.
  15. Be more disciplined. I have been so disciplined recently with work because I am delivering for my clients but need to be more disciplined about my calendar and making appointments.
  16. Wear more color. Yes! Been doing this for daily looks but when it comes to night time events I always gravitate towards black.
  17. Grow Perfect 10 SF and Look at Our City. Having a blast blogging, working with clients and learning a ton!

How are your resolutions going?