Spring cleaning gets thrown around a lot and you can't open a magazine, website, or blog (ha!) without someone saying they are spring cleaning. Well, this post is no exception. There is nothing I love more than a clean house. I can be having an amazing day or stressful day and coming home to a clean house makes me feel like all is right in the world.

Beside from the obvious cleaning out of our garage, our closets, and car, here are some of the ways I am spring cleaning. I hope you try some of these too!

Email. Every three months, usually on a Sunday morning when I wake up to 23 new unread messages from spammers, I unsubscribe to emails I don't need. This spring season I am going to unsubscribe, set up new folders, set up spam filters, and make sure I don't waste my time deleting emails every morning.

Photos. Most of my photos are on my iCloud account and I haven't spent the time to go through and delete duplicates or bad ones. I feel so guilty deleting photos of Lillian! But, if they are blurry or I would not print them I am going to delete them.

Makeup. I purchase new products as needed but next week I am going to go through all of my makeup and dump what I don't use and start over from scratch. As part of their recycling program, if you take six MAC lipstick containers back to the store they will give you a free lipstick. I am going to recycle some lipsticks I have had forever and get a handful of free ones!

Socks. Jesse and I always talk about throwing away all of our socks and starting fresh. I think I am going to do that for us this year! I can't wait! 

Kitchen tools. Since I have been cooking a lot more, I know the pots, pans, tools, etc. that I like to use. I am going to clear out all of the things we have that we don't use. 

Lillian's room. Our sweet little girl's room could use a real overhaul. She has a lot of clothes that she has outgrown and I need to put away, as well as toys that take up too much space. I am hoping for her first birthday to do a big girl redecorating project. We will see if Jesse let's me do it!

Looking forward to getting this to-do list completed so we can live in a calm environment! Did I miss anything? Wish me luck!






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