This weekend was jam-packed full of birthday parties! We celebrated a 2nd, 30ish, and a 50th! We feel truly blessed to have such great friends and family. The weather in San Francisco has been incredible and makes the city look and feel like a dream. With a large chunk of people out of town for Coachella, the city felt so peaceful!

On Friday night, the fab three (Jesse, Lillian, and I) went out to dinner at Novy (read my post about Novy here), our favorite Noe Valley spot. That was the second time I've been in the last week or so. I love their burger and every time I go I order the same thing- hamburger, no mushrooms and an Arnold Palmer (for the record I have never had an Arnold Palmer but now absolutely love them. I'm not sure if it will become my signature drink since I rarely drink or if it will be something that I only have at Novy...stay tuned).

Honestly, one of my favorite things about being a mom is that we all get up early and start our day. It feels like the city is ours! We are usually out on a walk or heading to an activity or errands by 7:30am. On Saturdays we'll usually walk to the 24th Street farmers market together and then Jesse will dash off to play basketball and be home by the time Lillian wakes up from her morning nap. Rising early, grabbing some coffee and food, exercising and napping is such a great way to start the weekend-- I can't recommend it enough!

Saturday we headed to Oakland to celebrate our long-time friend Jennifer's birthday (hi, Janet! We missed you so much! Hope you feel better!). I really have not spent much time in Oakland and it was great to see Jen and her husband and friends. I loved checking out Lost & Found and especially loved that it is family friendly so we could bring Lillian!

The party continued Saturday night when we went out to celebrate our friend Suzie at her 50th birthday at Original Joe's in North Beach! Original Joes is a San Francisco classic spot and is actually where I had my 21st birthday dinner and took my first and only shot of Wild Turkey with my dad! It still burns- ouch I hate hard alcohol (I bet you didn't know that about me. More on how I never drink coming up soon [ironic image below- had to try it in honor of Clementine]).

And then on Sunday we celebrated my niece and goddaughter Clementine's 2nd birthday! Talk about perfect weather for a backyard party! It was a blast to see her and my family and the kids all together. Lillian is the youngest and was having so much fun trying to keep up with all of the big girls- Fina, Camilla, Mila, Clementine, Jocelyn and the sole boy Keegan!

Lillian in the bounce house.

Lillian in the bounce house.

Clementine and Perfect 10 SF are the same age! I started my blog two days before Clementine was born! Thank you to everyone who emailed and texted about two years of blogging. It has gone by so fast and I cannot thank everyone for your support.

A very rare occasion- a family photo of the fab three! Parents can relate- it is so hard to get a photo of everyone all together! I am glad we remembered to do it!



I hope everyone has a great week! Chat soon!




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