As much as I love the city, there is something so special about escaping for a few hours that is so restorative. With such busy schedules, Jesse, Lillian and I try to go for a weekend away as often as we can. We love going to Bodega Bay and sleeping in, working, reading and cooking. And we love going to Sonoma for warm nights, wine tasting, and eating out at fun restaurants.

We have had such fun weekend plans in the city these last few months that we haven't been able to get up north as often as I wish. So, when Claire said we should go on Monday, I jumped at the chance. Going up for the day is so easy and pleasant- there is hardly any traffic both ways, the sun is shining, and Claire and I just chat the entire car ride. We are non-stop chatters. Jesse says that Claire sets the bar too high for chatting and he can never compete with her when it comes to conversing with me (I have to agree, Claire and I can talk all day to one another. It's like that with all of my sisters-- our friendships are so special, I don't take them for granted ever!).

While this trip was disguised as pleasure, it was really for business. I am on the hunt for a great birthday spot for Lillian's upcoming 1st birthday. The first place I wanted to look was Chateau St. Jean. We got there early and the tasting rooms weren't open, so it was empty and we had the place to ourselves to walk around. I have been to this winery a lot and love their chardonnay but wanted to see it again through the perspective of hosting a birthday party. More on that later.

While most people prefer Napa to Sonoma, I can't help but feel like Sonoma is the best! Read my post from forever ago about my favorite wineries. For the past couple of years, Sonoma has filled my vitamin-D quota that I established while in college at the University of San Diego. The only difference is that now I am wearing a lot of sunscreen and my trusty hat!! I mean, I have worn this hat for the past couple of days. Essentially, if there is sun= I am wearing my sun hat.

What I love about Sonoma is that I can pull out my sleeveless dresses, shorts, and sandals and be comfortable! I am not complaining, but in San Francisco it is all about the layers, layers, layers. I'm not going to lie, I can't remember the last time I had bare arms-- BROWCH they are pasty! I look forward to many sun-filled days so I can work on my tan. I will be sharing some of my favorite spots on the Sonoma Square soon! I'd also love to hear what others love about Sonoma!

Packing for the day is easy: sundress (preferably pink or white), sunglasses, and a bright lip. This jaunt has made me excited for spring and summer styles, wine tasting, and fun weekend adventures.


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