I have been writing a post in my head for the last couple of days about my biggest tip for pregnant moms and I am so excited to share it next week. In the meantime I wanted to point moms in the direction of the DayOne Baby blog that I help publish.

One of the last things I did when I was pregnant was buy a nursing bra. I remember reading online that you should wait to get one until closer to your due date because you won't really know how big your boobs are going to get until your milk comes in. WRONG! I really wish I had the correct information earlier. Here is the post with FAQs about Nursing Bras from the DayOne Baby blog.

I know this post is only applicable to some of my readers, so if you are expecting then please read the FAQs and head to DayOne Baby for a fitting. If you are not expecting, file this information away for a later date or share with a sister or friend or family member. 

After exclusively wearing nursing bras for the past ten months, (I only wear pink ones because they make it so much more playful to, I am looking forward to investing in some high-quality, non-nursing regular bras. I don't even know where to start! My sister Claire said Neiman's has a great bra selection so I am going to check that out! Favorite bra suggestions are welcome!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 





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