From all of my recent posts it might appear as if I live in a sun hat and guess what, I do. I have always been so religious about wearing sunscreen on my face (my favorites are CeraVe and Shiseido Urban Environment with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free), but with pregnancy and postpartum hormones I have noticed a few more sun spots on my face and want to do everything I can to avoid getting any more.

So, I am always wearing a hat. Whether it is a baseball hat for long walks, my new sun hat you have seen here on repeat or my favorite foggy day grey wide brim hat from Rag & Bone, I am pretty much always in a hat. It's nothing new-- remember this post about my J.Crew hat obsession from 2014!?? I am looking at those photos and gosh, do I look young!!! I still have all of those hats!! Love it!

When looking for an every day sun hat, I suggest finding one with a firm brim. While at school in San Diego I loved floppy hats-- they are just the best for lounging around by the pool (I love this floppy Vineyard Vines hat I wore in Hawaii), but they aren't great for walking around and living life.

Here are some of my favorite hats-- they all have some sort of unique detail; a colored ribbon, bow, etc. I love the pom pom hat! Happy Hat Hunting!


Fashioncaroline curran