I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! After a busy week, Jesse and I decided it was important to have some quality time together. We are so lucky to have both our parents close by so we can visit with them often, but also when we want to have an impromptu date night. My parents went out to dinner then came over to watch Lillian so we could go out to dinner at Lupa on 24th Street after striking out at getting a table at our favorite sushi spot Saru and new comer Hamlet (from the same people who own Caskhouse).  We don't take for granted for one moment how lucky we are that we have family to watch Lillian. I cannot image how difficult it would be to have to hire a babysitter for the first time! Thank you, family! I am getting off a side note there, something I might revisit later. 

We decided to head to Sonoma on Saturday and headed to Marin Country Mart on our way to wine tasting. I have been a handful of times before but last weekend my family friend Danielle said we should check it out on a Saturday for the Farmer's Market because they have so many family-friendly activities: food, music, face-painting, pony rides and more. We were planning on stopping by but there was so much to do that we ended up staying for a few hours. I love the Poppy Store-- some of the cutest clothes ever-- it is owned by Jim Belushi's wife. I was happy to check out Tutu School (since I've been to their West Portal location), and I am definitely going to head back to Intermix! If you haven't been, you need to check out the Marin Country Mart.


Belcampo Meat // Farmshop // Three Twins Ice Cream // Farmers Market on Saturday // Food Trucks on Sunday // Intermix // Poppy Store // Roberta Roller Rabbit 

You must take photos in the vintage photobooth- it is $1.00 and only accepts quarters. Also, Rustic Bakery is a must!!


We made our way up to Sonoma and walked around the Square before heading to Imagery Winery so I could pick up my favorite rosé. Then we headed to VBJ Vineyards for some pizza and more wine-- Jesse and his parents love their Barbera Port. We were going to spend the night there but since Lillian had been a little under the weather we decided to head home.

With the sun shining yesterday we headed to the Embarcadero for breakfast at Plant Cafe (since As Quoted is closed on Sundays :0) and walked towards PIer 39. There was a huge Princess Cruise ship docked getting ready to sail and oh my heavens, it was enormous! It literally looked like a floating hotel!! 

As you can tell from all of my weekend recaps, we love to explore. Since we don't travel as much as we would like to, exploring around San Francisco and the bay area is the best way to fulfill our wanderlust. If you have any favorite spots that you love to visit, please email me!

Jesse's birthday is on Wednesday so we will be celebrating all week long! We have a lot of fun things planned and I can't wait for him to celebrate his first birthday as a dad!

I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading!