Happy Wednesday!! I hope everyone is doing well! We have been busy around here!!! I will be sharing an update on how things have been going for my marketing company Curran Creative soon! I am having so much fun, working so hard, and learning so much!

I had to share this picture of Miss Lillian sitting in the shopping cart because it is a big milestone and I was unsure of when it would happen. There are so many milestones that parents anticipate and it has been interesting to see the things we think are noteworthy. Some of the important milestones that are frequently favored are: 

Rolling over, smiling, sleeping through the night, eating solids, sitting up, and waving.

Here have been my personal favorite milestones for Lillian:

Laughing!! As someone who has always loved making others laugh, hearing my daughter's laugh for the first time was INCREDIBLE! I almost teared up!! It was unlike anything I have experienced before.

Clapping: A lot of websites and newsletters like The Bump and Baby Center said babies start waving around nine months so we were really anticipating it. Lillian didn't start until 10 months and she hasn't stopped since!! It is so much fun to sing and clap with her.

Running: Lillian pretty much runs around the house with her push cart and it is hilarious! Of course, I cannot help but think yay!!! hopefully she will be an athlete and play volleyball at Stanford!! 

Climbing up into her red chair: Taking Lillian's monthly photo in her red chair has been so fun and I love that it gives perspective on how big she is getting. She has changed so much from the first time I snapped her photo and watching her climb up and all around it is so cool!