Over Easter weekend, my sisters and I took the girls to the glassy baby hot shop in Berkeley. We had a blast all together and it was so fun to see Camilla, Clementine, and Lillian play. I challenged everyone to wear a colorful outfit and to find matching glassy babies. Colleen, who absolutely loves dressing up, obviously took first place with Camilla and Clementine tying for second and Lillian taking an honorable mention! I forgot to share these photos last week because it was so hectic, so I thought I would share today, along with the ten things on my mind.

One // I can't believe that it is already April! I will be sharing my New Year's resolutions update later this week. I have been doing great on some of them and again, have completely forgotten about others. Can't wait to recap and refocus.

Two // Yesterday was the DayOne Baby 2 year party and it was so much fun! There was a great turnout and it was so fun to see friends, meet husbands, and watch the babies play together. I have a special place in my heart for DayOne Baby because they helped us get off to a smooth start with parenthood. And, I guess I can finally say that they are one of my Curran Creative clients! I have been working with them since the beginning of the year and have been having a blast. I am really fortunate to work with their really great team! I had been keeping it quiet because I am just a private person. But when I was making announcements at yesterday's party (ha!) it became known that I am affiliated with them. :)

Three // April 1st is always a special day for our family because that is when Jesse and Dustin founded BuildingConnected! Things have been insanely busy for them recently and I am proud but can't wait to see more of my hubby when things sort of calm down!! :) A lot of people ask what BuildingConnected does and I will answer that in a separate post this week.

Four // We are so excited to celebrate so many of Lillian's friends 1st birthday parties soooo soon! I can't believe how fast the past year has gone by!

Five // Did everyone come home Friday night and buy Starwars: The Force Awakens like we did?? Fun to watch it and sort of surreal that it's out!

Six // Can we all shed a tear for KFOG? I was devastated to learn that some of the long-standing djs were suddenly let go on Thursday and that the radio is changing directions. I loved listening to KFOG growing up, and especially on my drives to and from Atherton. I would call in all of the time and actually won concert tickets to see My Morning Jacket. I especially feel for the DJS because they had been there forever and loved their jobs and were really disrespected in the manner in which they were let go. 

Seven // Speaking of music, I am so excited for Bottlerock this year!! I cannot wait to go! Have you seen the lineup!! 

Eight // Calling all pregnant ladies!! I wish I had bought these milestone blankets from Batz Kids for Lillian! I discovered them a few months ago and am completely in love!! You can have so much fun with them and use props, especially for the holidays!

Nine // I have been thinking a lot about friendship recently and am so fascinated by how friendships start, emerge, change, etc. What got me to start thinking about this was how recently I have met so many new friends that have only known me as a mom. I have so much to say about this and will be writing in the next couple of weeks.

Ten // So how is your blog coming along?? I will be writing this week about building your audience!! SO exciting!