How many times can I mention that Snapchat is so fun before people get sick of it? I know people have been on the Snapchat kick for a while so it's nothing new. This snap captures how much fun I have with it and how playful I am....Hahah! I am still laughing! (Aside- Snapchat has pretty much replaced texting for weird!).

But it made me think about my playfulness. I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, "Oh wow, you are a lot more fun/ tall/ funnier / etc. than I thought you would be". It always makes me laugh because I think when we would at people on the internet or social media, particularly those who have a presence (like bloggers), we assume things about them. I always assume that everyone is tall and friendly (maybe because that's what I am!). 

Hahah I am still cracking up about my face on Adele's body, mostly because of the pose!

Since becoming a mom I have noticed that my playfulness is a little different, a little more inward. It's hard to be goofing around while being worried about Lillian, especially as she is beginning to walk. I think people think I am not having as much fun (ahem, my sisters), but the truth is, it's a lot more fun. Hearing Lillian laugh is absolutely the best feeling in the world. Teaching her how to be playful is incredible.