I had a post all ready to go but it's a big announcement and I decided to wait until Friday to share...sorry for the teaser but it's so exciting and I want to wait! If you want a preview you can check out my snapchat on Thursday night @CarolineMCurran!!!

Today I had a great Stroller Workout class at DayOne Baby (did you know I am teaching a class? Read more here!) and then I ran down to Hotel Nikko to hear Jesse speak at a CTO conference and then we had lunch at the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus--- those popovers are !!!!

Most of my days are jam-packed and busy running around the city from meeting to meeting. I get a lot of emails about what it's like to work at home, how I stay motivated and my biggest challenge. I will write a full post on that later this week, but I had to share some of the ways I stay organized with a busy schedule.

  1. My car is my everything. For Mother's Day Jesse asked what I wanted for a gift and I said I wanted him to clean out the car. It has gotten full with various items, Lillian's socks that she pulls off every afternoon while we are driving home from daycare, bags, gifts, props, and clothes in there. I drive around the city from meeting to meeting and my car is my office for conference calls, my storage for everything I need for the day, and my place to think. I love driving and brainstorming ideas, blog posts, and content.
  2. Paper calendar. It seems crazy that since I do almost all of my work online that I would use a hardbound paper calendar but I really like it. I find the Apple calendar to have a lot of bugs, difficult to input the correct info and is constantly buzzing with alerts-- how do I have five alerts for George Washington's birthday, I still don't know.
  3. Bedtime ritual. After I have finished working, showered and cleaned up around the house. I sit down and write the next day's to-do list in my notebook. I write what I need to do for each client, specific content, shopping list, etc. I also lay out Lillian's clothes for the next day if she is going to daycare and I think about two outfits for me- one in case it's cold, and one in case it's warmer. I do this every night, even on the weekends. I find that it makes the mornings so much smoother and I never feel behind the next day.
  4. Remain flexible. One of my former colleagues said that it almost appeared that I enjoyed chaos. I thought that was so funny because I hadn't really thought about it, but I don't mind when things are busy and I have to make changes quickly, in the moment, and constantly problem solve. I guess growing up in a house full of people helped me with all of these traits, and now with motherhood. Being flexible is such an important trait when working for yourself or at a startup because things come up and you have to constantly triage.
  5. Work. A LOT. I work a lot of early mornings and late nights and weekends but I find that it is worth it because I get to be home with Lillian on Wednesdays. I work every day and if I am not sitting and writing a piece for my blog or for a client, I am shooting images, styling, and other various projects. Working a lot helps me stay organized and on-track.


What do you do to stay organized? I'd love to hear!