One of the funniest things I have ever read said, "I wish I had known that becoming a mom really meant becoming a full-time cleaner!". And it's actually not that funny because it is painstakingly true! 

Growing up I always liked to have things in order, clean, and well-taken care of. The one exception to this was my freshman dorm room when I had to succumb to the chaos of my roommate. It was awful! I remember how surprised and honestly impressed I was when Jesse and I were first dating and I saw his spotless apartment for the first time. Any guy who keeps a clean living space is a winner in my book. Ha! But I found out that Jesse's landlord required him and his roommates to have a professional cleaner come once a month. Did Jesse time our first date right after their monthly cleaning service? We'll never know!

When Lillian was a newborn I was doing loads and loads of laundry. Between her sheets, burp clothes, my pajamas, and our sheets, I was doing three a day! Like I said, you become a cleaning lady. Luckily, I received some wonderful parenting advice from my friend Caroline at DayOne Baby and she said, "do what you have to do to survive!" For me, that meant having the professional cleaner come more frequently. Their help was invaluable and I swear, with a clean home I have a clean mind and can be creative and productive. I am happy for two days before and after the arrival of the cleaning crew because I know it will bring a clean space and peace of mind.

It wasn't until Lillian was about five months old and started crawling that I started to really pay attention to the cleaning products we were using. I mean, she was crawling all over the floor! While we were familiar with Honest diapers and wipes, I hadn't tried many of their other products. I was delighted when I connected with Sprout San Francisco, located on Union Street, just a few doors down from Ambiance that I started thinking more about organic products. 

From the Sprout website you can see that there is so much to learn about keeping your baby safe and they are so knowledgeable:

Keeping your baby’s nursery clean is vital to creating a safe and healthy place for your little one to play and sleep. Babies, with their developing lungs, are much more sensitive to their environment. To keep the air in your home healthy, look for natural household cleaners made with plant-based ingredients.

What you should know:

Manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients of household cleaners on the products. Many household cleaners contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and harsh acids. For this reason, the EPA has found the air quality in our homes to be 2 – 5 times more toxic than the air outside. To keep the air in your home healthy for your child, use natural household cleaners made with plant-based ingredients.

Here are some of the products we have switched to and absolutely love!

Dapple - I absolutely love Dapple's Cleaning Wipes!! They are a must for all families!

Honest- My favorite product I was introduced to was the Floor Cleaner

CleanWell- I love their Foaming Handsoap.

You can shop all of these great products and more, knowing your little one is safe, at Sprout San Francisco! They also have the cutest organic clothes for babies and kids. My favorite thing about Sprout is that you can go into their store and know that everything is safe and organic. What is also amazing is that if they find out new information about a product or company that makes it non-organic or unsafe, they will stop carrying it!


A special thank you to Sprout San Francisco for partnering on this post. All products c/o Sprout San Francisco.