Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I will be sharing more details about our weekend tomorrow because I am excited to share this photo and the story behind it. If you have been reading Perfect 10 SF for a while you know that I have been saying I wanted to meet Ayesha Curry for a while (here and here and here). And from the photo you can tell, not only did I meet Ayesha, but we were instant best friends!

I had the special opportunity to attend Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend at Cornerstone and got to meet Ayesha in the Green Room after her cooking demo. She was sweet, personable, humble and hilarious. We talked about motherhood and I told her how much I appreciated how she would post photos and add captions that she had just been pumping because I could completely relate. She said she loved my shoes (they are these Kate Spade sandals if you want to go out and get them, plus they are on sale!). I told her I wanted to do a Dubsmash with her since she always does the best ones and we laughed about how much fun she has with her posts.

Ayesha is truly beautiful inside and out and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to meet. That morning as we were driving up to Sonoma I thought about what I wanted to say to her. I thought a lot about what readers' comments really touch me and mean a lot to me. So when I met Ayesha I said to her how much I really loved her work. I purposely did not mention Steph, or Riley and Ryan. It is important that she is celebrated for her hard work and accomplishments. It was funny because she said to me, "you look so pretty!" and I said "thank you. It's because I knew we were meeting today!!" and we laughed!

On the drive up there Jesse asked me why I was so excited to meet her. And there are a couple of reasons. I think she is lovely, a great role model, down to earth. Also, we love Steph Curry and the Warriors and Jesse and I both know behind every successful man is a supportive and talented wife :)

But also, I knew that at some point I was going to meet Ayesha. Our paths were going to cross. I had set it as a goal for myself with this blog and just like attending NY Fashion Week for the first time, I am always working towards my goals. So, I challenge my readers and friends (ps-thanks for reading this), but what is a goal you have? Think about it and work towards it. You will achieve it! Now that I have met Ayesha I told Jesse I needed a new goal!! I came up with a few that I will share soon! 

A very special thank you to my husband Jesse for being with Lillian as I met Ayesha. I guess behind this successful woman is a loving husband- just like Steph and Ayesha!!