I always love the Perfect 10 Picks posts where I can share all of the different things that are on my mind. It is also fun for me to go back and read previous posts because my thoughts and style are still the same.

One // I'd describe my personal style as classic and it is funny because it is hard to find classic pieces! The trends today with fringe, culottes (which I actually do love, but let's be real- they are glorified gaucho pants that we all wore in college), and loose tops, make it difficult to find  structured, classic pieces. I have not bought clothes recently and (I know this sounds crazy, more on it later) when I am done breastfeeding Lillian I am going to have a major shopping trip. Hopefully like Pretty Woman-style and I can say BIG MISTAKE. HUGE! I hope people understand what I am talking about here. For my birthday party in 3rd grade I had a sleepover and we watched Pretty Woman-- gotta love my mom's parenting style. The beauty of it, and she probably knew this, was that we had no idea Julia Roberts was a prostitute. 

Two // Jesse has been wanting to see Captain America: Civil War since it came out so we might see that this weekend. I love all of the Marvel movies and remember collecting X-Men trading cards in 3rd grade. Wow, 3rd grade was a busy time in my life. You won't believe that the last movie I saw in theaters was this exact time last year. I was pregnant and Jesse and I went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I do like going to the movies but it is really hard to give up three hours of our weekend to sit and watch a movie. We much prefer to rent something on AppleTV.

Three // I try to eat ice cream every single day. Yes, every single day. I seem to always gravitate toward people who really enjoy ice cream (I am looking at you, Sheila). And, frankly I don't trust people who don't eat ice cream. I hope that Lillian and I can share lots of great adventures over ice cream!!

Some of my favorite ice cream spots in San Francisco are: Mitchell's / Swensen's / Smitten -- also, Smitten is opening another location on Chestnut Street this summer.

Four // How is it already mid-May?! 

Five // It's getting depressing reading all of the articles online about how expensive the bay area is and how it is impossible to buy a house in the city. I am going to have to win Powerball or end up living in Redding, California. It might be fun to build a dream home on this lot?

Six // On June 6, 2016 our baby girl Miss Lillian will be a year old. You can read my first post about her here! We love her more and more each day! We are looking forward to a small birthday celebration with our families. We have SO much to do! Can you believe that I haven't done anything besides send out the Paperless Post invite?!?! LOTS to do!

Seven // Yesterday Lillian and I headed to Sausalito for a playdate with my friend Natalie and her daughter Margot. We met at Bar Bocce and had a blast in the sun and watching the girls move all around and get in to everything. If you are looking for a fun date night or play date spot, I suggest you check it out! You can even bike ride or take the ferry there.

Eight // The last few days it has felt like the Béy Area (I came up with that myself and am surprised it hasn't been all over the concert reviews- it's hilarious) with Béyonce's tour at Levi's Stadium. My sister Claire went and had a great time and can't stop singing her songs. I sort of stopped flowing Beyonce and haven't seen Lemonade or heard any of her recent songs. Should I give them a whirl (I am looking at you Jen T.)?

Nine // I love when I see other people's photos of their travels because it makes me so excited. I love traveling but with our busy work schedules, Jesse and I prefer/ are limited to short weekend trips. We mostly go to Sonoma but in a few weeks are planning on heading south. I'd love your recommendations for the Santa Barbara area.

Ten // I have BottleRock on my radar and am contemplating on going for the Saturday performances. My sister Colleen has an extra ticket and invited me. But honestly, I think I am getting a little too old for experiences that involve large crowds. We shall see!

I hope everyone has a great day!