Happy Monday! I have been in full-on relaxation mode since last Friday when I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day at Bay Club Redwood Shores. I will be sharing more on my day there and my favorite parts in a later post, but I had to share a quick photo from the beautiful spread at their restaurant. I cannot wait to go back!

I am kind of feeling a bunch of different things today so here is a quick peek in to what is going on with me:

Yes, my sister Caitlin is expecting and we are all SO excited! And a Happy Birthday to my mother Celine who celebrated yesterday, May 22.

We had a relaxing weekend and saw Captain America: Civil War and hung out. Lillian and I celebrated my best friend Lori at her Wedding Shower at Murray Circle at Cavallo Point. I had been there before but it was lovely to be in their private room. Lori had the most beautiful shower with loveliest table scape and the food was delicious. If you have not been to Cavallo Point it is definitely worth the day trip. They also have a Locals Getaway package with discounted rooms on Sunday night and I was thinking it would be fun to stay there Sunday before Lillian's Monday birthday! That reminds me- I have so much to do for her birthday party!

Lillian is walking all over the place and has to move. She is non-stop!! She is a lot of fun and LOVES, I mean, LOVES to be chased!! She always giggles when we chase her around the room and I love hearing her laugh. She is really growing up and we are starting the weaning process and will be wrapping up our one year of nursing! A lot of moms email me about that so I will share a separate post on that!

I AM CRAVING a bike ride and a swim! My body is seriously yearning for those. I NEED to get outdoors and get active soon! It seems like we have had such great weather during the week and then not great weather on the weekends. Does anyone else feel this way -- like get me on a bike immediately?!

This was the first year in my entire life that I have not attended or participated in a graduation! Yes, having worked in education and then graduating from USF Master's program this time last year, it is odd to not have a graduation. I was telling Jesse that my "graduation" or rite of passage and milestone will be when we are done breastfeeding. It sounds oddly bizarre but it is true-- graduations mark the accomplishment of hard work and a period of time.

I have been working on some really fun projects for PERFECT 10 SF and cannot wait to share!!

I also want to thank everyone for reading my blog! I am so fortunate for this opportunity and always really appreciate it when I bump into old friends and they say how much they enjoy it! I also updated my ARCHIVE page so that it is easier to go back and read earlier posts and the thirty most recent. Some of my earlier posts still make me laugh so hard! Have a great week!