For Mother's Day I got a Lexus RX Sport 350! Spoiler alert: I had to give it back. I was very fortunate to receive a special invitation from Toyota of San Francisco to pick a vehicle for a week in celebration of my 1st Mother's Day! I had a blast driving around San Francisco and up to Sonoma to meet Ayesha Curry

I spend a lot of time in the car driving to meetings with clients and so it was a special treat to have a brand new, clean, high performance smooth ride to bop around town in. I feel like I have so much stuff in my car that driving the Lexus, affectionately named "The Whip" by Claire, was a fresh start and a clean slate. I am not sure if it was a good or a bad thing that Jesse and I just finished paying off our car literally a few days before I got the Lexus because now I am in car searching mode!!

Alright, the Lexus RX Sport 350 is great! Here are some of my favorite features:

  1. Comfortable Interior. Parents know how important a roomy back seat is so you can fit your big convertible car seat (this is the one we have and love). Lillian had plenty of room back there and we could put our seats all the way back.
  2. Keyless entry. This is a must and I am not sure I can live without it now! When you walk up to the car with the keys in your pocket or purse it unlocks it! I loved this because my hands are always full and I find myself digging around my huge bag to locate my keys. And with the push start ignition, you never need to take your keys out of your purse. Love it!
  3. Back-up assistance. Most cars have rear view cameras to assist with reversing but the camera on this Lexus was so good you could film a movie on it!
  4. Big sun roof. The photo is pretty self-explanatory. I loved sticking my head out the sunroof like I was in a teen movie!!
  5. Lexus Enform Technology. I don't even know how to describe this other than an amazing computer in your car that is so advanced. I obviously did not take full advantage of this aside from connecting my phone, listening to music and making calls. Actually, I also used it when I was low on gas and a notification popped up on the map feature with the nearest gas stations. That was really great because (ha) I didn't realize I was low on gas and because I didn't know where any gas stations were.

I miss The Whip so much that I swear, I spot every single Lexus on the road. I suggest you check out the Lexus Sport vehicles for a test drive!! They are so fun!

PS- Here is the outfit I wore from our adventures in Sonoma-- Perfect Polka Dots post.


Thank you to Toyota of San Francisco for this fun ride!