Happy Tuesday after a long weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! We had an amazing weekend and it was SOOOOOO relaxing! Like all three day weekends, we stayed in the city and had a blast enjoying it all to ourselves. I am telling you-- the city is EMPTY on three day weekends! Lillian and I went to Sonoma on Friday to sit by the pool and get some sun, just kidding, we are always in the shade. I have never been more pale in my entire life! One thing that no one tells you about parenting is that you are always in the shade. Which I don't mind too much, but I swear, when we went to Hawaii earlier this year I came back paler! 

We had the perfect mix of relaxing, getting things organized, and adventure this weekend. We cleaned around our house, I know you're probably thinking, "omg Caroline you clean every weekend, your house must be spotless!!" But let me tell you, with an almost one year old running around here and pulling everything out and throwing food all over the kitchen, we spend A LOT of time cleaning (read my previous post about my favorite organic cleaning products here). 

And HOW ABOUT THOSE WARRIORS?! Even if we did absolutely nothing this weekend, those two Warriors games were incredible and enough to make even the Scroogiest person happy! Also, you have to download Snapchat so you can watch the NBA stories-- I LOVED watching the Game 7 story because you get to see so many snaps from fans at the game. You really get a closer look at the experience and you feel like you are there.

While we absolutely love heading north to Bodega Bay and Sonoma sometimes the traffic on busy or long weekends deters us from going up there. Our new favorite spot is the Bay Club in Redwood Shores. Have you been? It is INCREDIBLE and so family friendly. We were there on Sunday and had the best seats right in front of the water slide. Yes, they have a water slide!!! We were able to take Lillian in the water park, pool, and get some sun while she rested in her stroller. It is so convenient-- about 30 minutes from our house and they have everything there you could want: shop, gym, incredible locker room, spa (where I got a facial last week), restaurant, and I think four pools and a water park.

My only regret from this weekend is that we did not take more pictures!! Have you noticed that there has been a slight decrease in the amount of pictures on Perfect 10 SF? While I have a new and deep love for photography, I find it difficult to simultaneously enjoy and capture the moment with Lillian. She is always on the move and it is actually impossible to get her to sit for a picture (that's why I LOVE this picture of her in front of the Palace-- she is genuinely smiling and having fun!!!). Oh, and pictures of the three of us are nearly impossible! Lillian never looks at the camera and is always looking away at some one or something in the distance. I learned pretty early on that I am not going to spend a lot of time trying to get the "perfect" shot of Lillian with her looking at the camera. I'd rather be swimming or walking around with her! So my advice to parents with newborns is take looooots of photos while your little one is not moving. I wish we had taken professional photos of her (I have said this a lot) and we are taking some soon but I am worried that we will have ZERO of Miss Lillian looking at the camera!!! Any advice appreciated! One of my friends suggested having marshmallows on hand to give her because they are not messy and will make her look at the camera.

On Monday we woke up early and went for a nice long walk at the Palace of Fine Arts and all along Crissy Field (side note: locals know it is called Crissy Field. Everyone who moves here calls it Crissys Field, Chrissy Fields, Crissy Fields. Nope. Wrong). I already knew this but I am absolutely obsessed with the Palace of Fine Arts. In love. Head over heels. It is one of my favorite places in the city and if I could go back in time I would go to the 1915 Panama Pacific Worlds Fair and see all of the buildings and events. Jesse and I were saying if we win the lottery we will build beautiful iconic buildings in San Francisco for all to enjoy. Honestly, it is the Palace of Fine Arts that reaffirms my love for San Francisco and makes me think it will be impossible for me to move away. We also did a little shopping with all of the great Memorial Day sales and checked out the new Apple store at Union Square.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I loved seeing everyone's photos of their travels and adventures!

Have a great week! Now I am off to teach Stroller Fitness!