I am excited to share that I have been teaching a Mommy & Me stroller workout for the past couple of weeks at DayOne Baby! If you are in the San Francisco area you should join us Tuesdays at 10:00am in front of the DayOne Baby store on Sacramento.

DayOne Baby is a Curran Creative client and when it came up in conversation that they were looking for a Stroller Fitness instructor, I offered my services! I have always loved team sports and working out and wanted to give DayOne Baby moms a great experience, like I had with Lillian. I am so lucky that this opportunity presented itself and I love that I can help moms have a positive experience working out.

I remember when Lillian was a few weeks old and I was on maternity leave I wanted to exercise but found it difficult to find a great workout class. I am happy that moms can take this class, be with their babies (who are angels and sleep most of the time), and form a connected community. What is really nice about the stroller workout is that moms can meet one another and chat. I found it difficult when I took a Mommy & Me pilates class to meet other moms because we were all on the reformers.

For the first class I kept saying to the moms that I really wanted to pick someone up on the street to join us. And guess what? I did! As we were walking by I said to a mom, "COME JOIN US!!!!" and she did and it was a really fun time for everyone!

If you want to come join us for a class, you can register here or just hang out along Sacramento and Laurel Tuesdays at 10:05 and I will pick you up!