Happy Mother's Day to everyone- it really is a holiday for everyone and I LOVED seeing everyone celebrate yesterday. As we celebrated my 1st Mother's Day, I couldn't help but realize how poorly of a job we have done celebrating my mom Celine on past Mother's Days. Sounds weird, but it's true. Mother's Day took on new meaning for me this year and in joining the Mother's Club I was able to see how important a day to recognize the hard work of moms truly is.

We celebrated Mother's Day all weekend with a baby shower for my sister-in-law Saturday morning, Curran family celebrations Saturday night and on Sunday we celebrated a Mother's Day Dinner with the fab three. I ended up not feeling so great on Sunday but it worked out because Jesse had to work Sunday morning because he has a lot of meetings this week so we are going to really celebrate this weekend! Stay tuned for our fun adventures!

I received so many texts and emails from friends wishing me a Happy 1st Mother's Day and it was so touching. It really is amazing how a small gesture can really brighten someone's day. I hope that this blog does that for readers! I try to be positive and make others feel better so I hope that works.

I am also working on planning a big celebration for my mom's birthday at the end of the month. Kind of a Mother's Day re-do. We had a great time together, even though the Warriors lost, but I really want to do something special for my mom. I saw a cute card that said, "only the best moms get promoted to grandma" and I thought that was so cute

I was so touched to see all of my friends, old and new, celebrating Mother's Day for the first time. I loved seeing them with their little ones! I had to share this picture of Lillian from Mother's Day. She is moving, crawling, walking ALL OVER THE PLACE and for her safety I have to put her in her crib if I have to run out of the room for a minute-- she loves crawling up on her red chair, opening and closing her dresser drawers, and swinging the door open and shut. I snapped this photo after I came back into the room. I mean, am I the luckiest mom in the world that I get greeted with this smiling face when I come back in the room? Moments like that are what make me so happy to be her mom and it really puts things in perspective.

I hope everyone has a lovely week!