From the title of this post you can guess that there is a pregnancy announcement on Perfect 10 SF today and I am excited to share that yes, one of the Curran ladies is expecting. But who could it be?!?!

Here is Tim's reaction to the news.

Haha...jk. I love this photo of my dad just hanging out at the Giant's game #notimpressed


NOPE, they're not expecting right now!!

Is the Pedersen fab three becoming the Fab Four?

NOPE! We're not expecting right now?

COLLEEN?! Does she already have a baby?! 

Nope, Colleen's not expecting. And she is just holding our newborn Lillian here.


Is Celine expecting? 

I hope not! 6 kids is a lot!!

The Kavanaghs?!


YEP!! You guessed it! The Kavanaghs are having another baby! We are all so excited for Caitlin, Niall, Camilla and Clementine to welcome another little one!!! 

Alright people, start sending name suggestions for girls and boys!! Caitlin is due in November so stay tuned! Maybe I can get her to write pregnancy updates!

Here's one of Danny and Miss Lillian from our trip to Hawaii!!! Couldn't leave him off of this Curran Family post!!

Caitlin does not have a Facebook account so I had to share the news on her behalf. If you want to get in touch with her you can email me and I will forward it to her!