With the holiday weekend this week absolutely flown by! I love that we had Monday off but I still feel like I need to get five days worth of work done in less time! Does anyone else feel that way? I've been running around to a lot of meetings and content shoots and have to laugh because I have been doing my make-up so quickly. I wish that life right now was as peaceful as this image but it is busy with work, planning Lillian's birthday party-- I am having so much fun and am actually not stressed at all- and writing a few new pieces for clients. (Sorry it feels like all I do is say how busy I am--I am not complaining, I love it and for some reason, saying I am busy really motivates me to work even harder!!).

 Last weekend I went through my makeup and cleared a lot of things out. I just got rid of a bunch of old lipsticks that I was holding on to but would never wear. I am definitely in the mindset of buy fewer better things. 

Here are some of the things I am loving!! Always the classics. Ps- I love solid perfumes and cannot wait to try one from diptyque.