Good Morning Critters! 

(If you don't get the reference you can read the explanation here)

This weekend was really one for the books! And I am not just saying that. I realized after writing this post and reflecting over the weekend, that I really don't give Jesse and myself enough credit for how much we travel. We love to get out and explore, especially Northern California, and while it might not be the international travel I yearn for it has provided some really incredible experiences and memories for us.

I'll keep this post short and sweet because I am honestly a little bummed from the Warriors loss last night and have a lot of things to say about it but I think the best thing to do is just keep my mouth shut and say I am looking forward to next year. But I did experience my first heart break with that loss. We are lucky to have such a great team full of talent and class.

The Fab Three headed up north to Bodega Bay on Friday night and spent Saturday morning adventuring. We headed even further north to Lake Sonoma to check it out and see if it was worth visiting again for 4th of July weekend. They have great boat rentals, hiking trails, and a family-friendly beach (that we didn't get to visit and plan on going to next time). The lake is so big that you really can't do it all in a day. Not like Tahoe big, but definitely takes a little bit more planning to see it all.

Jesse and I love taking Lillian on hikes every where we go. Our favorite hikes in the city are Lands End and Fort Funston. We love hiking at Bodega Head and Mt. Hood in Sonoma. We love our Stokke Carrier because it is lightweight but very sturdy! I highly recommend it! Jesse and I love this one because it is so easy to adjust quickly, which is great since we both use it. I know some couples who have their own carriers because of personal preference and ease. One thing I suggest for parents when hiking is to bring water, sippy cup, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, wipes and a diaper, swaddle blanket and set an alarm for every 30 minutes to remind you to reapply sunscreen to your little one! I get lost in the moment when we are out and about and I have to make a conscious effort to remember to reapply sunscreen to Lillian and constantly check on her.

Heading back from our hike at Lake Sonoma we passed a dozen wineries and decided to just pop over to Ferrari-Carrano before heading to lunch at Dry Creek General Store. Since it was a weekend of adventuring, it was a weekend of YES! Jesse saw it and said should we go there and I just said YES! We're not the type of couple to plan an itinerary down to every last detail. I know some people who plan out every single activity when they travel. They go on Pinterest, websites, ask friends for recommendations, etc. We like to have a general idea and then just see where the day takes us. This attitude has helped us stumble upon some of the most beautiful beaches, waterfalls, overlooks, and activities.

Ferrari-Carrano is absolutely gorgeous! The grounds are beautiful and they have a garden where you can stroll around. I was saying to Jesse that I felt like we were in Tuscany and I am going to start calling Healdsburg Tuscany. Everyone was so friendly and I am not kidding, there were only a handful of people at this winery which made it so nice. The gardens were beautiful and I couldn't help but think I wish I was in a beautiful summer dress and sandals with a glass of wine in my hand rather than my workout clothes!!

I fell in love with Healdsburg this weekend and cannot wait to go back. If you are looking for a weekend adventure and want great weather, wine, ambiance, and relaxation than I would suggest Healdsburg!!!! Honestly, I am sooooo in love with it here. This is how Sonoma used to be a few years ago. I could not get over how quiet Healdsburg is. I would suggest staying near wineries and then venturing into downtown Healdsburg for the day and check out the shopping, town square where all of the kids play, and of course, get ice cream at Noble Folk.

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with my family in Sonoma! I loved seeing all of the photos friends shared about their father's and especially husbands who are new dads! Jesse is good at everything he does so I am not surprised how incredible of a father he is. I'm glad we could celebrate him with pancakes, hikes, ice cream, laughter, and Warriors.

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Lots of Love!