I am looking at this photo and I am almost brought to tears. Okay, now I am crying. This is my wonderful family. Everyone in this photo means the absolute world to me. Look at how happy we look. When we were growing up there were a few places that were special to my family: The St. Vincent de Paul gym (it's where my parents met and where we all spent many, many nights playing sports), our house in the Castro that we call Douglass- like the 8th member of our Curran family, Disneyland because it was a magical place growing up, and Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe. 

Our annual week spent in Squaw Valley was the happiest week of the year. Since the 1980s my parents vacationed in Lake Tahoe, staying at a good family friend's 2 bedroom condo. Over the years, as our family grew and grew and grew, we still stayed in the same condo. Pullout couches, inflatable mattresses, and couch cushions on the floor made it work. To others this seems like complete INSANITY. But for our family it was pure joy. I am serious, pure joy. We have created some of the BEST memories in Lake Tahoe that stick with us today and still make us smile.

Sadly, in the last few years (i am being serious, we are sad about not sharing a two bedroom condo) we've had to rent a house to fit all of us. And I have to be honest, last week we were in Lake Tahoe with a five bedroom, five bathroom two story house and it felt odd. It was amazing to breathe the fresh mountain air and experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe, but it was different. 

When I look at this photo of us I can't help but think that the only thing that matters is family and laughter. That is true happiness. A few days before Jesse and I took Lillian to the village and snapped this photo and I knew that I just had to have a photo of my entire family in the chair. I wanted a keepsake from the trip. With 14 different personalities and schedules it was difficult to get this photo but afterwards everyone really cherished it. I think it's one my favorite photos of us ever.

I also can't help but share something important and I hope it gives readers a perspective about me. While this blog is written by me and mostly about me, I honestly don't see myself as someone who thinks they are better than others. I mean, look at the photo- you can barely find me. I'm not the first person your eyes go to. I simply see myself as the middle child who is the messenger for this family. Please know that I know who I am and what I stand for based on the context of my family. I am who I am because of all of these people.

Looking at this photo it is clear to me that my family is special and i am extremely grateful. It can be so hard today with all of the messages we are getting from social media that you need more things, you need expensive things, products and services will make you happy, this specific product will make you happy. 

Everyone is trying to make their life look perfect and I never would have guessed when I launched this blog over two years ago with a self-deprecating title about my huge size 10 feet that it would have even more meaning today. Life isn't perfect. Perfectly arranging flowers and products for a flatlay doesn't mean you're happy or your life is amazing. I don't claim to have a perfect life and I'm sorry if my title and photos throw you off. 

What I do claim to have is a really great family, not any better or worse than yours, just mine. We have our most fun when we are stuffed together, either in an undersized living situation or oversized chair.

Thank you for reading my blog-- it really means a lot. A special thank my parents and siblings for teaching me happiness.