Good Morning Critters and Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We had a wonderful weekend enjoying some Sonoma sun and spending Sunday with friends. Honestly for the past eight weekends in a row we have been out of town, mostly to escape the cold San Francisco weather, which has been great but it also meant that we hadn't seen friends in quite some time. As someone who really values relationships with friends it is important to actively maintain friendships amongst busy schedules, work obligations, travels, and more.

I had to share this image of Lillian because I love it so much. This is what life is like around our house. Lillian is usually playing in her room and I'm in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning or reading. I just got off the phone with Claire and I was telling her that I realized last night that if Jesse and I had gotten pregnant after her wedding like we had originally discussed we would have a newborn right now! Hard to believe how life all works out. I couldn't imagine waiting-- the last thirteen months (and the 10 months before that when I was pregnant) have been absolutely amazing.

Claire and I were talking about how important it is to be happy with your every day life. I call this the happy now. Are you happy right now? Things can make you feel like you need to be traveling more, have a bigger house, have better things (I spoke about this in last week's post) but it really is important to love your every day life. You can't keep thinking things will be better when....

Some of my happiest moments are dropping Lillian off at daycare and seeing her classmates smile when she arrives, getting texts from Jesse that just say "do" but I know mean "xo" and autocorrect failed us yet again, laughing when Jesse can't stop playing with his new remote control app for our lamps, wrapping Lillian up in a towel after bath and singing our favorite post-bath song, hearing Clementine speak in full sentences, seeing my hard-working dad take a nap on a Saturday, walking through Golden Gate park, pushing Lillian on the swings, eating Cowgirl Creamery triple cream cheese on a baguette, driving through Sonoma, the list goes on. I feel so blessed to have these happy moments.

In today's world it seems like having a lot of expensive things and being a VIP is true happiness. You have to proactively remind yourself what your true happy now is. The reason why I keep revisiting this topic is because I really enjoy thinking, reading and writing about it. It is quite a change from the original topic of the blog but there's been an evolution and I felt like I had to share with my readers since I got a few emails asking where my Instagram account went.

When I realized that blogging is a business I went after it 110%- got some partnerships, made some money, had some great experiences. Fast forward and I've decided to abandon the business route and just write for the joy of writing and share for the joy of sharing. I've cancelled a handful of sponsored posts I had coming up, have stopped going to blogging events, and decided to temporarily disable my "business" instagram account @CarolineMCurran (I have another account @CarolineCP831 that I've had for years if you want to follow that- or you can follow me on Snapchat @CarolineMCurran).

I always loved blogging, going to events, meeting new people, taking photos, business develop, etc. etc. etc. but recently I've heard so many accounts of bloggers from big to small not enjoying themselves. Actually being very upset, lost, lonely, and self-conscious. I think the entire commercialism of blogging and the value of influencers is going to bottom out soon. When you are living for likes, followers, and praise from other you are not going to be happy. I never really operated that way or played the game so I always enjoyed it but I also saw a plateau in followers.

Jesse always says that I bring life into the room. I hope that over the years the blog has done that for you and I thank you for reading! In a few weeks I will be turning 31 and I could not be more excited!!!!! 31 is my golden year!!!!! I have been waiting to turn 31 for as long as I can remember. I always thought to myself that I'd have everything together by the time I turned 31! I'm spending the next couple of weeks really working on myself to grow into who I want to become! I'm getting rid of negativity and trying to be even more optimistic and positive.

Now I'm in our house laughing because all of our lamps are on and I don't have the app installed on my phone and can't turn the lights off. I think Jesse can do it from work though! Ha! life is so funny!

I hope everyone has a great day!