Happy Monday! Well you guessed it, this weekend we left the city to head to Sonoma. We were in Bodega Bay for my father in law's birthday and had a really nice time. On the way there we stopped at Secret Kitchen in Petaluma. It was AMAZING!! We actually went twice for lunch- once on Saturday and heading home on Sunday! And we cannot wait to go back. I promise to do a Sonoma guide and Sonoma Coast guide in the next couple of weeks so that you can see our favorite spots.

Happy August and happy birthday month to me! I cannot wait for my birthday on August 31 because it will officially be the start of my golden year!!! Yahoooooo!! Or should I say Verizooonnn!! 

I know this month will be a great month and I am looking forward to it all! I didn't do anything big for my 30th because I didn't really care because I have been thinking about my 31st birthday since I was about 10. All of my lifelong friends can attest to this. I mentioned this before but I am working really hard to get everything in my life in order before my birthday!!!! I always thought I'd have everything figured out by the time I turned 31! Ha!

I had to share this photo of Lillian because my mom has taught her to raise her hand when someone says, "Lillian Pedersen?" It's the cutest thing ever! Right now she is in to climbing, drums, balls, and lights. Looking forward to seeing all of her interests develop as she gets older.

Lots of love to everyone!


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