Pillows from  Caitlin Wilson .

Pillows from Caitlin Wilson.

Good Morning, Critters!

After a wonderful long weekend it can be so hard to get back into the swing of things. I had been counting down to the 4th of July weekend for the past couple of weeks and unfortunately I got very sick and am still recovering. Luckily, I got to relax in the perfect Sonoma sun, swim, picnic, go for long walks and catch the local 4th of July Parade. We had a really lovely time and it was the quintessential summer celebration weekend and I wish we could go back!

We've spent the last five or six weekends outside of the city and we've gotten the whole pack up and unpack system down. I can't think of anything worse than spending a great weekend away and coming home to a messy house! Is there anything worse!? Especially a late night before heading back to work! We've learned that we really have a great start to the week if we spend time getting our house extremely organized before we leave. Here is what I normally do and I recommend doing at least a handful of these before you leave for your next trip. We just got home and we're unpacking and repacking for our next trip!

  1. Do laundry before you leave. After a weekend away you'll inevitably have clothes that you need to wash so doing a few loads and folding and putting it away before you go ensures that you only have to do your vacation laundry. 
  2. Make the bed. Before we leave I always put fresh sheets on our bed and in Lillian's crib. Coming home and sleeping in your own is even better when the sheets are crisp and clean.
  3. Empty out the fridge. Before we go we always empty out the fridge of anything that might go bad. 
  4. Go grocery shopping and plan your first meal for when you return. It's the worst coming home from a trip to an empty pantry!!! Before Lillian, Jesse and I were fine coming home late and just finding whatever we had in our cabinets for dinner- popcorn, crackers, soup. But now I will go to the store to get a new carton of milk and ingredients for our first meal back. 
  5. Put odds and ends away. Right before we walk out the door I just walk through the house and tidy up a few things that can be put away- fold the throws, fluff the pillows, put away Lillian's toys, etc. This makes such a big difference when you come home there is no clutter!

What do you do to get ready for a trip?

Our pillows pictured are from my favorite designer Caitlin Wilson. She is currently having 15% off of her entire site and new arrivals are coming tomorrow! I can't wait! Shop some of my favorites below.