Happy Monday! After so many great weekends up in Sonoma, we decided that it would be best to hang around the city. With such busy weeks, especially for Jesse, on the weekends we try to savor as much family time for the three of us. I know it seems like we do "nothing" on the weekends and part of that is since I have a flexible schedule during the week I get to do all of those things that most people do on the weekends- errands, nails, appointments, nights out, dinner, and drinks. Yes, I am the one taking that 5:30 weekday dinner reservation at the restaurant that is packed on the weekends. We like our weekends to just be low key and down to earth.

Jesse and I both love sports but were both pleasantly surprised to see how much Lillian loves the Olympics. We've had the tv on 24/7 since the opening ceremonies last weekend and it's been really fun. We never have the tv on so it's fun to have the energy of the Olympics in our house.

Saturday we were in the Giants spirit! I love these photos, especially the first and last, because I feel like they capture motherhood, parenthood, Lillian, and our family dynamic. There are definitely the sweet moments with Lillian and since she is such a daredevil there are the moments when my heart stops as she is climbing on chairs, running, and being super adventurous.

If you aren't from San Francisco or a Giants fan you are probably wondering what the heck is Lillian wearing!! I realized as we were heading to the ballpark that Lillian doesn't have any SF Giants clothes that fit her (my cousin Jackie gave us the cutest newborn onesies that she's now outgrown). And everyone knows I love her in pink but I couldn't go to the ballpark with her wearing pink!! I will have to get her something on etsy. In the meantime, I threw together an orange and black outfit.

The energy by the ballpark is unlike anything else. It reminds me of the energy of Disneyland, in a way; everyone is happy, families are together, people are cheering and it is an absolute sea of black and orange. It's fun to go walk around early before a game and have a drink at The Yard. It's fun to look back at these photos from the ballpark when my blog was just a baby. And now I'm back with my baby!! <3


If you haven't been to the ballpark recently I recommend you go check it out!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!




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