I am SO excited to introduce you to PaintZen- it's been called the Uber for paint, but it is actually so much more than that. For me, it is the solution to my constant need for change. A lot of people ask me my hobbies and I often say painting and of course, have to clarify that I mean painting walls.

When you grow up watching Trading Spaces (yes, remember that show and how cute the host Paige Davis was) it shapes your mindset that big changes can be made in a day. In our first apartment, I am pretty sure I painted our living room once, bedroom twice, and kitchen four times. Yes, four times. I had summers off at my previous job and before I started graduate school I had a lot of time. I'd head to Lowe's near me and pick up paint and a quick painting set. Jesse would leave the kitchen looking one way and come home to a completely different look.

When we moved in to our current place, the paint job was really great- the quality and colors were perfect. We decided not to paint Lillian's nursery and it was something that I regretted from the time she was born until now! See, when we moved into our current place it was the week after we found out we were pregnant and we weren't really sure how long we would stay in this place. So it always felt a little temporary. 

Since Lillian was born and especially since she started walking, our place has really felt like home. It is a true Noe Valley apartment with small rooms but it has everything that we want in a place. On Jesse's list: lots of natural light, top floor, crown molding; my list: hardwood floors, updated bathroom and kitchen, and a big closet : ). Plus we have a garage, we're across the street from a produce market and a park, coffee shop, dry cleaners, nail salon and more! Our location could not be better.

So when we agreed that we'd stay here a little bit longer I felt like that gave me the green light to PAINT! While my passion for painting is a 10, my quality is probably a 6. To make up for days when Lillian didn't have a perfect nursery I decided (and Jesse agreed) it was best to hire a professional.

I am so delighted that I discovered PaintZen. It was SO easy and I highly recommend using them. You take a brief questionnaire and then they call you to confirm a time and date and then voíla- a professional painter arrives and takes care of everything. It was really fun and I will for sure use them again.

The picture above is not Lillian's nursery but I wanted to share because it is the color we went with: Benjamin Moore Queen Anne Pink- we went with the Natura brand. Here are the images I first shared of Lillian's nursery. Honestly, the decorating and photographing happened so fast because i had a deadline to get the images to so I didn't decorate it the exact way I wanted to. Now that we know Lillian and her lovely personality she is more of a pink lady. Her nursery is constantly evolving and now we are redecorating it again for her big girl lifestyle. Stay tuned for that reveal!



A special thank you to PaintZen for partnering on this post.

caroline curran