It's Friday and here are the things that are making me happy, in no particular order:

  1. Bow sweater: I always love my bows front and center until I saw this sweater with two unexpected elements: bows on the back and a beautiful pale blue shade. Adding this to my birthday wish list! Also adore this one!
  2. Early bedtime: I enjoy going to bed early and the Olympics really messed up my night time routine and I ended up staying up a lot later that I like to. I'm trying to get back to a reasonable bed time. One of my secrets is that I usually pick one night a week to go to bed at 8pm. I think Tuesdays are the best night to do this because they make Wednesdays more enjoyable and you have energy to conquer your to-do list.
  3. Caitlin Wilson Design ShowroomI've mentioned Caitlin Wilson on here a lot and on my Instagram (last seen here) and I am so excited she opened up a design showroom on Presidio and Sacramento Street. You have to go check it out!
  4. BuildingConnected is the company Jesse co-founded and I just want to say they have some really great features coming out! If you know anyone in the commercial construction industry please tell them about BC.
  5. Holiday party: Speaking of Building Connected, I'm tasked with planning their annual holiday party. Any suggestions for fun spots in San Francisco for 100 people?
  6. Wente VineyardsI've always wanted to check out Wente Vineyards and we are so excited to go this weekend for a wedding! What better way to experience Wente than celebrating with friends!
  7. Wedding dress: After I typed wedding dress I realized what I meant to say is wedding guest dress (although I did try on my wedding dress last week and it still fits!). We only have two weddings this summer so I just bought one dress and am going to wear it to both. Especially because there will be no overlap in guests. I don't think people do this anymore because of social media- people are afraid to be photographed wearing the same outfit twice. Ha! Should I just make Jesse wear the exact same outfit to both weddings so it looks like all of the photos are from one day?
  8. Back to school. I absolutely loved seeing all of the first day of school pictures of little ones in my newsfeed. It's definitely a little bittersweet to not be returning to school, either for work or graduate school. Last year was easier because Lillian was so young that I couldn't have even imaged going back to school. Sending well wishes to everyone out there for a great year!
  9. Etsy Pop-up shop in Ghirardelli Square: If were around this weekend I would definitely be at the Etsy pop-up shop. I get all of Lillian's bows from an Etsy shop and I've gotten a bunch of great stuff over the years from Etsy. The pop-up shop is this Saturday and Sunday from 11-5.
  10. TGIF. Just happy it is the weekend! Thanks for reading!!!!


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