Happy Birthday to me! Ha, everyone probably thinks that I care so much about birthdays but really I was excited for my golden birthday- turning 31 on the 31st!! All of my childhood friends know that I have been counting down to this birthday forever! I don't know why I just thought of Forever 31! That would be a good blog name.

All I wanted for my birthday was to spend time with my friends and family and to get some new books! Jesse planned to have a half day so we could have lunch together and spend the afternoon together. It was such a special treat because the last time Jesse took a day off was the day after we got engaged in 2011- I will always remember that Monday when we had brunch at Mission Beach Cafe, went for a walk, took the ferry to Sausalito and had lots of champagne.

On Tuesday night I had dinner with my best friends Lillian, Andie, Lori, Liz and Meagan at As Quoted. It was such a fun night and so special to be together!

Jesse surprised me with a bottle of champagne and a spa day at the Nob Hill Spa. I knew he had planned something fun when he said bring a bathing suit!! My kind of plan!!! We had facials, sun bathed, and swam in the pool!!! I LOVE pools!!!! It was such a great day and so memorable! I had the European Facial and Jesse had the Gentleman's Facial. Really and truly it was a great afternoon! After our relaxing day we went to my parents house to have dinner with the whole gang and celebrate Mike, my birthday and Camilla's birthday, which is today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLA!! My mom is so cute she decorated the house with all gold balloons, streamers, and party decorations. It reminded me so much of when we were in elementary school and she would decorate our classroom with balloons and deliver cupcakes to the class while we were at recess. It was such a surprise coming back from recess to the party! She did it every year but I vividly remember it in 1st grade! I asked my family to get me a book for my birthday and I love all of them!!

A lot of people have asked me what does 31 have in store for me? And I am so excited to share that I know it will be the best year yet! A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! I really, really appreciate it and it meant so much!


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