Happy Monday! We had an absolutely wonderful weekend dancing and partying at Outside Lands! Ha! Just kidding! You probably won't ever find me at Outside Lands again! I was fortunate enough to attend the first year as a guest of my friend who had a food booth there. The first year no one knew what to expect of Outside Lands and it is incredible how much it has grown in the last nine (?) years. I think it started in 2007? It still bugs me that about 90% of the bands are male and I don't think they have ever had a female headliner.

No, we weren't at OSL. We did the complete opposite. We had a calm and peaceful weekend. I am sorry if my weekends seem boring but I get a lot of emails that people find it refreshing to hear me write about my low-key weekends and how much I love them! Friday night Lillian had her first sleepover at my parents house and Jesse and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant Beretta. We came home and watched the Olympics. We were laughing because Lillian is so easy that it felt like a typical Friday night and like we had just put her to bed and were hanging out.

We spent a lot of the weekend cleaning and getting organized. I was laughing with Claire because she says that I am always cleaning and that I always write on here that I am cleaning. Well, it's true. As a new mom you are ALWAYS cleaning. But our house has very little storage and I am fortunately enough to get a lot of gifts for my blog and every once in a while we have to go through, reorganize and get rid of things. I also am constantly going through Lillian's toys and rotating them so that she's not always playing with the same toys. Although her FAVORITE thing to do is go into the bathroom and open the drawer and grab the box of Q-tips and run back into her room and sit in her chair and pull all of the Q-tips out. 

We also went downtown, went for a swim at UCSF early Sunday morning, went for a walk, hung out, put together a new set of table and chairs and watched the Olympics. It was a perfect weekend!

Oh, and Lillian also turned 14 months over the weekend! She is so fun and funny and really cracks us up. She absolutely LOVES to climb- she will climb all over everything. Yesterday I was in the kitchen doing something and she started climbing up on to the dishwasher! She even climbs and stands on her play chair. Anyone know a good gymnastics place for a 14 month old??

I hope everyone has a great week!



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