On the rare occasion that we stay in San Francisco for the weekend, rather than venture to beloved Sonoma, you can find us in my absolute favorite place in the city- Golden Gate Park. Jesse and I absolutely love taking Lillian to the park because there is so much to do and discover. When I was pregnant with Lillian I spent almost every day walking around Stow Lake and it's where I love to go for morning runs.

Yeah, I do find it sort of ironic that my favorite part of the city is the one that is a completely man-made lush park with fake ponds and waterfalls. But I can't help but feel that there is a unique peace that being in the park brings me. I have the most vivid childhood memories of my mom loading up the bikes in the van, literally in the van and we would be sitting there with our legs bent and bodies contorted, so that we could go ride on Sundays in the car-free park. We'd bike for what felt like hours, load back into the car and then head to one of my dad's open houses. We'd run around the house like maniacs and I'd always start pretending that the particular house was our new family home. My mom always said that us kids sold the house because prospective buyers at the open house saw what it would be like if the house was made a home by a bubbly family.

I have to tell you that I have a love/frustrating relationship with photography. I absolutely loving snapping photos of Lillian on my phone or on our Nikon. I love editing them and sharing them (thanks for letting me share!) and capturing them (like here with Blurb Books). What I don't like about the process is that the disruption for really great photos can be like. So we try and photograph Lillian a bunch at once and then go on with our day. That's why you will see a series of photos that look like they are all taken within three minutes of each other-- because they really are. I pull out my camera, take a few photos and then put it away and go on and enjoy my time with my family. I'm not the person who has their camera or phone out all day taking photos. I've been with people who are like that and honestly, their photos are great-- probably much better than what I share here-- but it seems like they are so preoccupied with getting great photos that they don't enjoy themselves. I see a lot of moms share a ton of photos and I always wonder how much time they spend trying to get the "perfect" shot.

Jesse and I laugh about this because now that we have Lillian we both take turns behind the camera- before it was always just him. We have learned how fundamentally different our photographer point of views are-- we are basically opposites. I want to turn on the camera, snap one shot and then adjust the settings and make sure the composition is perfect. I spend more time shooting than setting up. Jesse is the opposite; he wants to spend a lot of time getting the perfect setting and then snap photos. I really don't know who's way is better- I don't think one way is better than the other- but he took these adorable photos of Lillian so whatever he does works! I guess I am more of the on-set event staff trying to get Lillian to run towards the camera. Honestly, it's so hilarious-- she is guaranteed to always run the complete opposite direction of camera. It's like she is running from the paparazzi!! She literally runs! She moves so fast that it's quite entertaining. One minute she will be right next to us and the next moment she is halfway across the park.

I would love to hear how others view photography? Ha! I just had a thought- maybe it's why I always photograph still life rather than people-- it is less of a challenge since it doesn't move!!

This weekend I had the special privilege of assisting Claire at a wedding she coordinated. I will share some photos soon-- yes, I took a ton there! I hope everyone had a great weekend!







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