Happy first day of fall! Yesterday I had a special time taking a drip down memory lane! I was invited by Hush Puppies to Belga on Union Street for a bloggers brunch. When I first started blogging I had so much fun meeting other San Francisco bloggers and seeing them at events. As a new mom I prefer to spend as much time as I can with my family so I often end up declining invitations to parties- putting Lillian to bed is way too important to me (for clarification, I do go out to evening events I just go to a lot less that I used to when I was first blogging- I mean there are always several events happening every night-- it's crazy).

So it was a real treat to catch up with some of my very first blogging friends and meet some new ones. Oh and my goodness, and Hush Puppies! What a blast from the past! Check out their new shoes today!


Fashioncaroline curran