Hello pretty lady! Maybe that is how I should start all of my blog posts from now on! After opening the lovely Underclub package that arrived in my mailbox I have been greeting everyone with that salutation! 

I am happy to introduce you to Underclub- a delivery subscription for underwear! Or is it underware? or Underwhere? Just kidding, I know it's underwair. (sidenote: although I do have a few typos on here now and then, I rarely have spelling errors and it's not because of autocorrect, it's because I am such a visual learner that I can usually identify misspelled words because they look different to me and stand out in my brain as not how they are supposed to look. Does that make sense? More on typos and why I don't change them later!)

I was first introduced to UnderClub by a friend who put me in touch with Founder and CEO Katie. I immediately loved the idea but after talking with Katie it was really great to learn more about her vision and mission for the company. Most women have an interesting relationship with their underwear-- it's most often the thing that no one sees and the thing that you keep forever even when it's clearly time for it to go after all of those periods (tmi, but true. I'm married and went to an all-girls school so I feel comfortable sharing).

Katie believes that women's confidence comes from looking and feeling great and that starts by what you put on, especially when no one-- okay someone special--can see.

So for the past three months I have received a special package in the mail from Underclub. Getting something in the mail that wasn't a catalog or an Honest box full of diapers was exciting enough. Truth be told I waited three months until all three packages had arrived and opened them all at once. And omg it was AMAZING!! Yes, I took a style profile quiz and filled out questions about the style, material, colors, etc, but it was still such a nice surprise to see the handwritten notes and carefully selected high quality garments. 

I loved it so much that I am going to give the gift of three months to one of my lucky readers. See more details on Instagram! And, I have a favor to ask-- since most women don't Google "underwear delivery subscription", I would love it if you would check out Underclub and gift a pair or three or more to your mom, best friend, sister, old college roommate, college daughter, new mom friends, heck- your grandma!! Underclub gift makes the perfect gift for a bachelorette party, holiday party, birthday and more! 

Help me spread the word about the Undervention that Katie is creating!



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