Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We had a blast visiting with my family in Sonoma and Jesse's parents in the East Bay. It was the perfect weekend. Why can't we have more three day weekends? Honestly, they make everyone so happy and everyone works harder when they return to work because they are well-rested and have a lot to get done in a short work week! 

We left the city Saturday morning and there was no traffic heading up to Sonoma. What I love about Jesse is that he is always ready to do something fun and loves my spontaneous suggestions! Since it was so quiet I asked if we could pop by Cornerstone Sonoma to walk around and explore since the last time we were there for the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend (when I met Ayesha Curry) it was packed.

Cornerstone is great for all ages because there are big, beautiful gardens for little ones to run around. Lillian ran around non-stop! There are a lot of sculptures and beautiful works of art to see. Lillian spotted Mediterranean Meadow by John Greenlee and just kept yelling, "BALL! BALL!" You can also wine taste and eat at Cornerstone, and yes, even shop! If you have children and want to go wine tasting then I highly recommend visiting Cornerstone because you can enjoy wine without having to worry about disrupting others at a winery. They also have great events that you can see here. The Lighting of the Snowmen event sounds so fun!!

I wish we snapped of a few more photos of the grounds to share but we were fortunate enough to snap a few photos of us! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



Lillian's Dress and Bloomers: Janie & Jack // Stripe Sweater: Toss Designs

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