I've said it before but I think it is worth mentioning again, I LOVE A GOOD POOL!!! I always love hopping in and having a blast. These photos are from Labor Day weekend and I don't feel like they even capture how much fun we were having splashing around in the water! People always email me and ask why we spend so much time in Sonoma and I mean, come on, these photos speak for themselves. We get to throw things in a bag, pack up the car and live the simple life!!! It's the absolute best.

Jesse snapped these photos and he said that the one of Lillian tossing the ring is his favorite of all time. He says my expression and the ring in mid flight is too funny!

We don't have any weekend plans but these photos are making me feel like we need to go for a dip!!! My bathing suit is from Kate Spade and here are some of my favorite Kate Spade suits!




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