The long weekend was amazing but it really throws off the rest of the week. I have been listening to so many people talk about changes going on in their lives and I think it's funny how there seems to be a season of change in the air; people are moving away from San Francisco, changing jobs, trying new things. It's funny how things happen at the same time.

I have been busy recently and I am sorry that it takes me away from the blog. I appreciate all of the emails I get from readers asking how I am doing when I don't have a post up. Ha! And a lot of people ask whether or not I am pregnant. Sorry to disappoint, I am not pregnant. I have been busy reading- I love all of the books I got for my birthday!! I have also been very busy with clients and fighting a little cold!! So here is a late night post for you!

Here are the 10 things on my mind right now!

  1. The Richfield- It was a surprisingly beautiful day today so I was able to work outside. Something I rarely do because it is usually too windy or cold or bright. But I headed to The Richfield for a decaf latte and some avocado toast and to get some work done. It's the perfect little, literally little, spot on California and 5th. 
  2. New York Fashion Week: I had the opportunity to travel to NYFW last February when I was pregnant and had a blast. I am grateful to have been invited this year but decided to sit it out. I love seeing everyone's post though!
  3. Jack WillsHave you heard to this British clothing brand?? I am in love! I just got a bunch of new fall pieces and I can't wait to share them soon!
  4. Hawaii- I feel like Hawaii is calling my name!! Trying to plan a trip there soon!
  5. Lillian is 15 months old!! We are having a blast and love her more and more each day.
  6. Holiday Party- I am working on Jesse's company holiday party again and cannot wait to share where we are having it once it is finalized!
  7. Early bedtime- Last night I went to be at 7:30pm and I cannot recommend doing that once a week to everyone!!! It really is a game changer!
  8. Instagram accounts: Some of my favorite to follow are @bakedideas, @upcloseandstylish, @sanfrancisc
  9. I have always loved wearing dresses but with the cold San Francisco summer I find myself just wearing pants and a jacket. It has been so fun to wear dresses these past couple of days and feel like I am in San Diego!!
  10. I'm Your Biggest Fan by Kate Coyne is the book I am currently reading and I love it! My in-laws gave it to me and it has been so fun so far! You have to check it out!


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